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Our regional visit to Forster-Tuncurry

Our War Widows Program Team and President Queen Dunbar visited ladies from the Forster-Tuncurry area as part of our Regional Visits.

Prior to the event, efforts were made to reach out to both current and past members in the surrounding region to Forster – Tuncurry. While not everyone could attend, the response was overwhelmingly positive, demonstrating the enduring strength of our community bonds.

The gathering was a resounding success, the room was filled with chatter creating an atmosphere brimming with camaraderie and a sense of community spirit. Local members reconnected after a long time apart, and new members came together to share stories, past experiences, and discuss exciting plans for the future of the Forster-Tuncurry war widow social group. The event saw the connection and support between the Port Macquarie area and Laurieton group coordinators and members. 

One of the highlights of the event was the encouragement of participation from all attendees. Members who had been inactive were warmly welcomed to meet with members from the local and further areas, while those new to the group were greeted with open arms. Through shared interests and common goals, we rekindled the sense of belonging that lies at the heart of our social group. 

Important updates regarding volunteering opportunities, The Digest, newsletters, and meeting schedules were shared during the event. Members were informed about upcoming activities and encouraged to get involved in various initiatives aimed at enriching both their own lives and the wider community.

A noteworthy moment during the event was when Matt, the duty manager of Club Forster surprised the guests welcoming the ladies back to Club Forster after a long time away during the COVID lockdowns. In a gesture of generosity, Club Forster donated $150 worth of club vouchers for three lucky door prize winners to share. This gesture added an extra layer of excitement and appreciation to the gathering, showcasing the strong partnership between our social groups and the local community. 

Special recognition goes to Lyn-Anne Bye and Sylvia Smith, the dedicated coordinators for the Laurieton social club. Their efforts in organising events, day trips and most importantly a sense of care and community within the group. Their commitment to ensuring inclusivity and warmth within the Laurieton social club is truly commendable. 

We extend this gratitude to Peter, the Legacy bus driver who transported and joined the lunch, along with the many more events that could not happen without his support.  

We also express our gratitude to Loyis Goodyear, the coordinator of the Port Macquarie social club, for her commitment to facilitating meaningful interactions and activities for our members. Loyis herself was among the lucky recipients of a door prize. Currently, she is collaborating with two members from the Laurieton social club, who also received prizes, to plan future events. Furthermore, the Forster-Tuncurry ladies have spoken of hosting a joint social gathering at Club Forster in the near future. 

In a heart warming tribute to longevity, we recognised and celebrated our remarkable ‘life members’ in the room and at home ranging from 100 through to 104 years young.  Congratulations were also given to the ladies becoming life members next year. Their achievements are a testament to the vitality and resilience within our community. 

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