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War Widows Programs

War Widows Programs

Our War Widows Programs play important roles in connecting war widows. Families of Veterans Guild has a network of 50 Guild and Social Clubs throughout Sydney and New South Wales, providing a place for war widows to meet and join with others who have been through similar experiences.

The War Widows Friendship Line is a popular service provided by Families of Veterans Guild. Originally set up to help combat the social isolation felt by regional war widows, the Friendship Line now provides a sense of community and an opportunity for war widows to share their stories and seek emotional support and comfort from one another. Our member volunteers provide understanding and warmth to other widows who may be experiencing difficult times, heading to the hospital, celebrating birthdays or are housebound. Over time the Friendship Line has expanded to include birthday calls to war widows over the age of 90 years.


War Widows Social Clubs

We know that we’re stronger together. That’s why a fundamental part of what we do at Families of Veterans Guild is provide opportunities for war widows to come together through our guild and social clubs. These get-togethers are a safe space for our members to make new connections, build friendships and feel seen, heard and valued by people who share similar experiences.

With over 50 groups spread across metro, regional and rural NSW, our clubs are made up of engaged and active senior women. Some simply for catch up for lunch, others meet to discuss issues of concern to war widows and to hear from Families of Veterans Guild.

For more information on venues and times, contact our office on (02) 9267 6577. You can also search for your local Families of Veterans Guild club here.

Friendship Line

At Families of Veterans Guild, we want widows and veterans’ families to know: we’re always here for you – you’re not alone.

Whether you’re overwhelmed by issues you are facing, heading to the hospital, celebrating a birthday or just feeling a little lonely – the Friendship Line can help.

The Friendship Line operates mainly for widows over 70, helping older widows feel connected –sharing warmth, caring and understanding with those who need it. Friendship Line recipients receive a monthly phone call from other widows who volunteer their time. We can also arrange letter writing if preferred. 

The program was set up to help combat the social isolation felt by our regional and rural members, but the Friendship Line now provides a sense of community for war widows across NSW, ACT and TAS – offering an opportunity for women to share their stories.

This is especially important for members who may not belong to a guild or social club or are isolated by health or distance. Our volunteers also reach out to members who may be affected by floods, fire or drought throughout the year.

The Friendship Line’s purpose is not to give advice or provide counselling, but to be a listening ear of empathy, respect and compassion. All volunteers complete a Volunteer Police Check, sign a privacy agreement and all conversations are completely confidential. You can register to receive calls or letters by contacting us.

Interested in volunteering? You can sign up by clicking the button.

Transport Program

Lack of transport can be a huge barrier to social connection. If you no longer drive and cannot access Public Transport, we may be able to assist via our Transport Program. 

We can help Members connect to Community Transport in their area, thus providing options to attend war widow social clubs gatherings and even their local shops or go on outings. 

We can help you navigate support services and find the best solution for you. Through the Transport Program we can support eligible members to attend War Widows Meetings and Events. 

For more information on the Transport Program, contact our team on (02) 9267 6577 or email programs@fov.org.au

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