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To raise awareness, Families of Veterans Guild delivers regular webinars to cover issues and hold discussions relevant to defence and veterans families.

Our webinars aim to cover topics that empower defence and veterans families to live their best lives. We aim to break down barriers and encourage discussions that can be difficult but essential.

Our webinars are free and delivered on zoom. If you are unable to attend, we always record them so they can be watched below at any time. 

Let's talk about Grief and Loss

Where there is trauma, there is grief”, David Kessler – grief expert.

Grief is a common life experience for those connected to Defence service. This webinar is designed to help you navigate the complex and confusing landscape of grief and loss.

Hosted and recorded online on 4 December, this webinar will give you a better understanding of grief and the various losses that lead Veteran families to this shared experience.

You’ll learn how to support yourself and others through the inevitable experience of grief and loss.

The webinar recording can be watched below.

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International Women's Day Webinar
How can we inspire inclusion?

In celebration of the women in our community, Families of Veterans Guild delivered an exclusive Webinar this International Women’s Day.

‘How can we inspire inclusion’ covered the subject of inclusion for women, noting issues we hear often about women becoming more invisible as they age.

This webinar delivered an educated conversation around inclusion and covered the impact of ageism and how it affects women of every age, the importance and benefits of intra-generational connections, and how women can build confidence and step up into positions they would otherwise shy away from. It also uncovers how to understand the traditional roles women play in society and how this can impact their broader contribution. The panel discussed how women can support each other, and the positive impact of inclusivity in executive roles and within all organisations in the community.

The webinar recording is available below. 


Understanding intimate partner & family domestic violence: context & action

Join us for an enlightening webinar featuring distinguished speakers Dr Sean Cowlishaw and Commissioner Gwen Cherne.

Dr Cowlishaw will delve into the nuances of intimate partner violence and family domestic violence, discussing key definitions, assumptions, and terminologies. He will also explore these issues within the contexts of Defence and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA).

Gwen Cherne, Veteran Family Advocate Commissioner, will share her powerful lived experiences and relevant statistics, illustrating the scale and impact of intimate partner violence. She will discuss efforts by DVA and Defence to address these issues, the community of practice around this advocacy, and upcoming webinars designed to further educate and promote change.

This is a chance to deepen your understanding and engage in this critical conversation. Learn how you can join a community of practice, educate yourself and others, and drive transformative change.

The webinar recording will be available soon, to receive the link, please email wellbeing@fov.org.au.

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