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Providing a voice to the families of veterans is at the heart of everything we do.

Our relentless advocacy provides a voice for war widows and veteran families. We make sure their needs, views and opinions are heard, by the community, government and its Departments. This has been the cornerstone of our work since 1946.
Families of Veterans Guild has achieved significant improvements in the assistance provided to members through its advocacy over the years. A wide range of benefits and concessions have been achieved. The organisation advocates on behalf of members and the veteran community to the Commonwealth, NSW and local governments and to other organisations. Families of Veterans Guild NSW’s officials also participate in several consultative forums on behalf of member.
We have been major contributors to key government reviews, creating submissions for the:

Raising awareness with our webinars

To raise awareness, Families of Veterans Guild delivers regular webinars to cover issues and hold discussions relevant to defence and veterans families.

Our webinars aim to cover topics that empower defence and veterans families to live their best lives. We aim to break down barriers and encourage discussions that can be difficult but essential.

Our webinars are free and delivered on zoom. If you are unable to attend, we always record them so they can be watched below at any time. 

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