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Social Work & Wellbeing Program

What is our ‘Social Work & Wellbeing Program’

The purpose of this program is to support veteran families in the community access services, support and entitlements supporting their wellbeing. It is also to empower self-advocacy and efficacy through the sharing of information, to build knowledge and confidence.
Social work and wellbeing is a program that offers social connection and peer support for family members of current and former serving Defence members, with a strong focus on spouses. We offer face to face events in the ACT and Sydney as well as online peer support and events such as webinars.
With constant changes due to Defence service, it has become increasingly difficult for spouses of Defence members and veterans connect. This program offers the opportunity for defence and veteran spouses to find understanding and support among a group of peers.
The online group exists for the families of veterans to be able to find their peers in their local area where they may have just moved to, to reach out to ask for advice, information or help when needed or find others to catch up with and create bonds. It is also for us to provide information relevant to them.
The focus of this program is connection and peer support: as we know, with this particular lifestyle, defence spouses tend to be socially isolated and disconnected, especially when the serving member is deployed. Spouses of ex-serving members might be in caring roles due to illness or injury which can lead to isolation too.
The Social work and wellbeing program is the modern-day version of Families of Veterans Guild Social Clubs. The Social work and wellbeing program is a safe space for those connected to Defence Service such as widows or spouses of veterans to come together, learn, share our experiences, thoughts and ideas. It is not a counselling forum and does not provide clinical services. It provides a forum for peers to connect and be supported.
Currently, there are very few programs focused specifically on building connections and establishing informal peer to peer support networks for veterans’ families and contemporary widows. In fact, many families tell us that they often struggle to find and connect to services, have their needs met and are generally isolated within the veteran community. Through The social work and wellbeing program we are seeking to address that.

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Guided Peer Support Events

“One day you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through, and it will be someone else’s survival guide” – Brene Brown.
This is what the social work and wellbeing events are about: creating a place that is for Defence/Veteran Families to connect, meet others like them, build a network and share wonderful insights and powerful stories. Our Space shines the light on the families of our veterans and service personnel.

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Online Events

Our Space program includes regular online events available to defence and veterans families.
Our webinars aim to cover topics that empower defence and veterans families member to live their best lives. We aim to break down barriers and encourage discussions that can be difficult but essential.
Our Space webinars are free and delivered on zoom. If you are unable to attend, we always record them so they can be watched any time.

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Webinar ‘Let’s talk about grief & loss’

“Where there is trauma, there is grief”, David Kessler – grief expert.
Grief is a common life experience for those connected to Defence service. This webinar is designed to help you navigate the complex and confusing landscape of grief and loss.
Our Space Webinar
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