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Newcastle & Surrounds Regional Visit

We are thrilled to share the success of our regional visit and event that was held at Wallsend Diggers in Newcastle. Our primary goals were to reconnect with members from various areas, encourage engagement, and reach out to members and past members who are not currently attending a club.  

The event was attended by 50 members and guests, including our president Queen Dunbar, Board Director Lynne Sullivan, and Jennifer St George, the granddaughter of Jessie Vassey OBE CBE, our founder. Three of our staff also attended from our head office in Chatswood. 

Lead up to the event

Efforts were made to reach out to both current and past members in the region surrounding  Newcastle. While not everyone could attend, the response was overwhelmingly positive, demonstrating the enduring strength of our community bonds. 

On the day

The room was alive with chatter as members introduced one another, shared and compared stories, and exchanged resources, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and community spirit.

The event facilitated meaningful connections and support among coordinators and members. Coordinators welcoming new members to their social clubs and offering advice to those interested in volunteering and becoming coordinators in their areas. The sense of community and collaboration made the event truly memorable.

One of the highlights of the day was the encouragement of participation from all attendees. Members who had been inactive were warmly welcomed to meet with members from the local and further areas, while those new to the group were greeted with open arms. Through shared interests and common goals, the sense of belonging lies at the heart of our social group. 

Our team shared important updates regarding volunteering opportunities, The Digest, newsletters, and meeting schedules. Members were informed about upcoming activities and encouraged to get involved in various initiatives aimed at enriching both their own lives and the wider community. 

The members where very proud to see one of their own who had served during World War II recite the Ode, and were humbled to have Jennifer, Jessie Vasey’s Granddaughter, recite the War Widows’ Motto. Jennifer also share a few personal notes about her family and father, son of Jessie Vasey. 

Special thanks

As a welcoming back to Wallsend Diggers a kind donation of club vouchers to the value of $200 was gifted to four lucky door prize winners to share. This gesture added an extra layer of excitement as members checked their secret numbers hidden on the reverse of their name tags. 

Special recognition goes to the dedicated guild and social club coordinators. Their efforts in organising events, day trips and most importantly a sense of care and community within the group. Their commitment to ensuring inclusivity and warmth within their clubs is truly commendable. 

Celebrating Milestones

In a touching tribute to longevity, we took a moment to honour and celebrate our incredible Life Members within our community, ranging from the youthful ages of 100 to 102 years old. It was a special opportunity to recognise their remarkable journey and contributions. 

Additionally, congratulations were extended to the ladies who will be joining the ranks of life members next year. Their upcoming induction is a testament to the resilience that thrives within our community. 

We also took a moment to send well wishes to members who were unable to attend, and our thoughts were with the families of those no longer with us. The room was filled with heartfelt agreement, acknowledging the significance of these moments and the bonds that unite us.  

Testimonials from members in attendance

“I had a wonderful time; I didn’t know anyone when I walked in but I left feeling very welcomed.” 

“Delightful, the food was delicious, and the company was wonderful.”

“It was definitely worthwhile, I learned a lot of new things, gathered useful resources and looking forward to joining with an existing social club.”

“A very special day and I’m looking forward to the next gathering.”

“You ladies have done a fantastic job putting this together.”

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