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Media Release – Australian Veterans of Afghanistan

A call to reach out to Australian veterans and families of the Afghanistan war


Considering the transpiring situation in Afghanistan, Australian War Widows NSW (AWW NSW) calls on the veteran community and their families to support each other during this time.

The war in the Middle East has affected so many civilians and profoundly changed the lives of over 39,000 Australian Defence Force personnel, the 41 Australians who lost their lives and the some 261 officially listed as wounded during that service.

At this time, those who carry the burden of war are left questioning their service, their work, and their legacy.

Chief Executive Officer AWW NSW, Renee Wilson urges veterans and members to “Reach out to a mate, to a friend, to your family, to me, to AWW NSW, to the RSL, to Legacy, to Solider On, to Mates4Mates, to Open Arms, to your GP”.

“As a spouse of an Afghanistan veteran severely wounded and not expected to survive, I have met many women, men and children, just like me, who bear their own burdens of war and whose service and sacrifice go largely unspoken”, says Wilson.

In her opinion piece, Renee Wilson speaks of how all who served in Afghanistan did our country proud and gave so much to the civilians: girls who are now women are educated; civilians experienced a life free of the Taliban, and civilians gained skills they never had before. Their service and devotion transformed many civilian lives.

AWW NSW offers immense gratitude and respect to the Afghanistan veterans and to their families. They have sacrificed their lives, relationships, safety, mind and soul.

AWW NSW is here to support members, veteran and their families and ask our members to check in on each other.

For more information, contact:

Renee Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Australian War Widows NSW

Jennifer Collins, Chair, Australian War Widows NSW

(02) 9267 6577

17 August 2021

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