Families Of Veterans Guild

A message from my veteran family to yours

To veteran families, it is to you, that I address my message.

For those that are left behind carrying the scars of war, be them your own or your loved ones, I want you to know that your sacrifice also matters.

Without you, they couldn’t have done what they did. They couldn’t have answered the call, put their lives on the line for a better tomorrow, for people they don’t even know.

I want you to know that your loved ones\’ service in any operation, in any war, mattered, and it matters. It is families and spouses that know how much defines a person, how much they give and have given. But to the women of Afghanistan in particular, they gave more than we could ever imagine.

Renee Wilson, CEO AWW NSW

View Renee\’s full message here.

AWW NSW is here to support members, veterans and their families. If you need support, please contact us on (02) 9267 6577 or guild@warwidowsnsw.com.au

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