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Watch our Webinar on understanding intimate partner & family domestic violence: context & action​

About the webinar

Watch our enlightening webinar featuring distinguished speakers Dr Sean Cowlishaw and Commissioner Gwen Cherne.

In this webinar, Dr Cowlishaw delves into the nuances of intimate partner violence and family domestic violence, discussing key definitions, assumptions, and terminologies. He also explores these issues within the contexts of Defence and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA).

Gwen Cherne, Veteran Family Advocate Commissioner, shares her powerful lived experiences and relevant statistics, illustrating the scale and impact of intimate partner violence. She discusses efforts by DVA and Defence to address these issues, the community of practice around this advocacy, and upcoming webinars designed to further educate and promote change.

This is a chance to deepen your understanding and engage in this critical conversation. Learn how you can join a community of practice, educate yourself and others, and drive transformative change. 

Questions & Answers

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Do not worry, our webinar is available to view anytime below. 

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