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Have your say…. Recognition for Veterans and Families Injured, Wounded or Killed

On 21 January 2021, the Australian Government announced that the Defence Honours and Awards Tribunal would inquire into and; report on, recognition for members and families of members of the Australian Defence Force who are injured, wounded or killed in or as a result of service.

The Tribunal is now accepting public submissions. The Australian War Widows, NSW will be making a submission for the Tribunal\’s consideration on behalf of all of those who now form part of its member base, with a particular focus on amplifying the voices of women. Our current and potential member base includes;

  • War Widows
  • Defence Widows/widowers
  • Veterans
  • Families of veterans (no matter the relationship).

To help us prepare the submission we would love to hear your views. Please complete this questionnaire by Monday 15 March 2021.

All responses are anonymous unless you chose to share your name with us. If you chose to do so, this information will be kept and stored by Australian War Widows NSW in accordance with Privacy Regulations- it will not be shared with the Tribunal and should we use the data you provide, it will be deidentified.

Click here for more information about our Australian War Widows NSW advocacy services.

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