Families Of Veterans Guild

Ensuring No Veteran Family is Left Behind

Our legacy started with the vision of the Vasey family and a need to stand up for the needs of civilian women in the post-WWII era. In over seven decades, we have provided peer connection, social support and advocated strongly whilst ensuring war widows and their families are empowered so they can live their best lives.

\"\"Together we have worked hard to ensure that war widows and their families are not forgotten, left out or disadvantaged because of their loved one’s death and service. We were able to do this because we are the families of veterans, and because many of us had to become the leader of the family, and leaders in our own right.

It is time to be leaders once again, to step up and close a gap that many of us have experienced most of our lives. Together, we led the way when we decided to provide hope, community and belonging to those who need it most and who need it now, regardless of the status of their veteran. Together we led the way for those who have nowhere else to turn, those who, like you, have lived a life in the shadow of their loved one.

We need to keep on leading because in Australia, support for veterans’ families is conditional on the entitlements of the veteran and they are largely invisible until they are bereaved. Yet, as many of you know firsthand, the families of veterans bare an enormous burden for Australia’s peace and security, alongside their loved one, at any stages of their lives.

That is what our branding project is about. It isn\’t about leaving anyone behind, especially those who have been bereaved by service. Sadly, our current organisation name leaves behind thousands, including other widows. In NSW alone there are 15,000 DVA-recognised widows, but we only know 2,000. That isn\’t good enough. The fact that people have to wait until their loved ones pass away before they feel a sense of belonging, connection and support by the veteran community isn\’t good enough.

We have always been an organisation that has led the way. We have been an organisation that has stood up for those left behind by the veteran system. It\’s time to stand up again.

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