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AWWNSW Branding Q&A

Together we have worked hard to ensure that war widows and their families are not forgotten, left out, or disadvantaged because of their loved one’s death and service.

We need to keep on leading because in Australia, support for veterans’ families is conditional on the entitlements of the veteran and they are largely invisible until they are bereaved.

It is time to step up and close a gap that many of us have experienced most of our lives.

Our branding project is about ensuring no veteran family is left behind.

Here we answer some of the common questions we are asked about our AWWNSW branding project.

1. Who can access AWWNSW services now?

a. Spouses, children, parents, siblings of serving members who have passed away
b. Spouses, children, parents, siblings of current serving members
c. Spouses, children, parents, siblings of past serving members
d. Spouses, children, parents, siblings of serving members who are injured or ill.

2. Are we duplicating services with other organisations like RSL or Legacy?

No, certainly not. We will continue to deliver the same sorts of services, support and advocacy that we have for 77 years, working in partnership and collaboration with RSL and Legacy where the beneficiaries of our services and support are the same. We will fill the gaps and provide a place and a voice to those families Legacy cannot support.

3. What is not changing?

a. The existing services and programs already offered to War Widows will not decrease.
b. The membership of guild clubs and social clubs that have been created for war widows will remain the same including their club names, eg War Widows Social Club Paramatta.
c. Our strong advocacy for matters affecting war widows. All of which is mapped out in our advocacy plan.
d. The Company name will remain Australian War Widows NSW Ltd (more detail on this below)
e. The pewter badge we provide to War Widows will stay the same and remain yours. It will not be provided to other family members, it is exclusively for War Widows.
f. War Widows Day will not change.
g. The Field of Remembrance will not change.
h. Our commitment and availability to you will not change.

4. Will the membership of our social and guild clubs have to include non-war widows?

No, your clubs can stay as they are, we have no plans in changing the composition of your clubs. These clubs are peer groups and work best when everyone in the group has a like experience. New groups for non-war widows will be created. This work has already begun through the creation of Our Space. Our Space is open to war widows and non-war widows and its intent is to form new peer support networks which may contain like experience or intergenerational experiences.

5. Will wreaths still be laid by War Widows NSW for War Widows?

Yes, of course. As the new brand is implemented we will be working closely with all our stakeholders including organisers of commemorative events to ensure that this important place in commemorations is not lost or changed because war widows are the chief mourners.

6. Will all war widows organisation be changing their name too?

No, we understand that the remaining war widows organisations in the ACT, QLD, SA and WA wish to remain the same and have not opened their services or support to those that are not widowed, therefore their names remain as is. This is also the case for Australian War Widows Inc. Which is the national body responsible for national war widows advocacy.

7. What is the difference between a company name and a trading name?

A company name is the official title of the organisation, at this stage, the Board intends to keep the company name the same. The company name will appear on the audited financial statements, AGM paperwork and minutes, ACNC reporting, ASIC records, Board agendas, minutes and financial accounts and records.

The trading name will be the name we use to we communicate with you, stakeholders, and the general public. It will be the name that we use to deliver our programs and services, fundraise and effectively conduct the business of the organisation under. Both names are linked and the company owns the trading name – in other words the new name will be owned and operated by Australian War Widows NSW Ltd. To see the link, please visit the Australian Business Register

Though new for us, this is a fairly typical structure for example Woolworths Group Limited is the name of the company that owns and operates Everyday Rewards, Safeway, Woolworths, Big W etc. In the veteran community sector similar structures have been used, for example the company name of Australian International Military Games owned and operated through the name Invictus Games Sydney 2018.

8. I am a war widow and I\’ve been a member for 20 years, will I not be included anymore?

You will absolutely be included! Nothing about the name change will dilute the services, support or our service to you. The only thing that you will notice will be a change to the logo and organisation name. What has been pleasing to see is that more than 80% of you can already see how changing our name will not affect your status in this organisation, in Australia or the veteran community. Neither will it affect what you are currently accessing and what we are offering to you.

9. What is the benefit of changing the name?

Changing the name will help us connect with thousands more widows and unite the group of veteran families who currently do not have a place or a voice in the veteran community until their loved ones pass away. Increasing our impact means we can grow and do more for you, we can grow our influence and we can make sure that your legacy, your service and sacrifices are never forgotten by Australia. That your journey and sacrifices prior to and post bereavement are known and valued. Keeping our name the same will see the spirit, hard work and legacy of this organisation; together with the memory of Australian War Widows lost. This isn\’t the outcome the Board wants and this isn\’t the outcome that the consultation data is showing that the majority of you want either.


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