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Defence Families Community Art Day – July

Intergenerational Community Art Day

Friday 12 and Saturday 13 July

The Families of Veterans Guild invites defence/veterans family members, including war widows, to a special event held at head office in Chatswood across two days on the 12th and 13th of July. This event brings together veteran (defence) families across many generations to collaborate on a piece of art that will be displayed at head office. An intergenerational opportunity to connect over the beauty of making art together.

We know that one of the challenges facing veteran families is the disconnection from extended family and community. So we want to unite  defence families, including war widows, from many generations to connect, share the wisdom and life experiences. While it can feel comfortable to look only for friendships with people who are at the same stages of life as us, expanding out and looking for intergenerational relationships can lead to rewarding, rich friendships where you can give and receive from someone in a completely different life stage.

There is no cost for this event. All art supplies are courtesy of the Families of Veterans Guild.

Event information: 

Where: Families of Veterans Guild Head Office (Level 1, 9 Help Street, Chatswood)

When: 12 and 13 July 10am-1pm

Registration is essential. Register here for the day you wish to attend and for the sound healing session. You can register for all 3 or just 1, as you prefer!

For further information please contact us wellbeing@fov.org.au or 02 9267 6577.

Attendees are welcome to join us for as little or as long as they wish. You can drop in for just 10 minutes or for the whole 3 hours each day. Light refreshments will be provided throughout the sessions.

The art project will finish at 12pm on 13 July and attendees are invited to stay for a one-hour sound healing session, also courtesy of the Our Space Program. Click here to find out more about the sound healing session. 

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