Families Of Veterans Guild

Casual and Volunteer Callout

AWWNSW has exciting work and projects in the pipeline

We are seeking enthusiastic casual and volunteer talent to be actively involved in many facets of the organisation.

Expressions of interest are open!

If you are interested in Administration, Advocacy, Communications and Marketing, Events, Peer Support or Project Support and Service Delivery, contact us today.

If you are keen and have time to share with us, send us a brief email and complete the Expression of Interest form.

Contact the office for more information on (02) 9267 6577 or guild@warwidowsnsw.com.au

About us
We are a membership-based organisation that promotes and protects the interests of women and families united by Defence Service.

We offer our members a growing and diverse program of services, advocacy, a growing community, board directorship opportunities and access to events.

Now that we have removed the barriers to our membership, we will be an organisation that unites generations as it supports and advocates for the needs of all with our community. We will be an organisation for veterans and their families built by veterans and their families.

More about us
The Australian War Widows NSW (AWWNSW) has 75 years of history in supporting war widows. An inclusive non-for-profit organisation whose focus is to promote and protect the interests of women and families united by Defence Service, AWWNSW is a well-respected entity within the veteran community sector.

Established by its members, for its members, AWW is a unique, responsive, and agile organisation who is positioning itself for the future while continuing to care for its older members.

Recognising a broader need in the veteran community to support all women and families impacted by Defence Service, members of AWWNSW agreed to become a more inclusive organisation.

Expanding our reach and networks will ensure strong service delivery, increased capability and the development of expertise which can be leveraged by Government.

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