Families Of Veterans Guild

The power of friendships

What do our members value most?

“Friendships. People I didn’t really know particularly well before COVID-19 and now they’re like best friends.”

The power of friendships is something AWW NSW does not take for granted. Our community is central to our organisation. Staying connected is so important to us and our members. We are thrilled to hear our members, through technology, are living our values of community, collaboration, compassion, inclusivity, and respect.

For people lacking social connections, casting your friendships further afield and making new friends through technology can make all the difference.

The value of friendships is widely documented. Psychologists explain that friendships are crucial to our mental and emotional wellbeing, and our overall health. According to a YourLifeChoices article, friendships can even affect our sleep. A study found that people who described themselves as lonely had more of what is known as ‘micro-awakenings’ in their sleep. These are small moments in which you wake up mid-sleep – snippets of time you rise a little from your slumber.

As AWW NSW member Frances mentions, a phone call (or zoom) can make all the difference. We encourage our community to reach out to someone today.

If any of our members would like someone to reach out to them, our staff are always here for you. Call us on (02) 9267 6577.

Our Guild and Social clubs offer friendships and social connections, as does our online Health and Wellbeing program and Friendship Line.

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