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Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide

AWW NSW Submission on the Terms of Reference Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide


AWW NSW advocates for the needs of all women and families of veterans connected to defence service. We provide a voice for our members and community, ensuring that their views are represented across all areas that impact upon them.

AWW NSW welcomes any inquiry that examines the causes, issues and systems that impact upon veterans and their families. With the rate of veteran suicide more than twice the national average, and even higher for female veterans, it is important that critical lessons are learned and applied in a coordinated effort.

Consistent with our other submissions, and upon consultation with our members and veteran community, AWW NSW believes the following core issues ought to be considered in the preparation of the Terms of Reference for the Royal Commission:

  • The need for the entire veteran support system to be examined.
  • The need for suicide attempts and patterns of dangerous and risky behaviour.
  • The need for experiences to be examined and compared to the policy framework.
  • The need to examine the powerful cultural influences that can have negative consequences for both veterans and their families.
  • The level of regulatory oversight of veteran’s treatment and access the means to harm oneself (including pharmaceuticals).
  • The duty of care of all entities within the veteran support system to intervene when cases of dangerous or risky behaviour or other risk factors pertaining to suicide, and self-harm are bought to their attention.
  • The efficacy of treatments and diagnosis of mental health conditions impacting veterans.
  • The need to support the families of veterans before, during and after instances of ill health/ suicide.
  • The need to ensure strong accountability in the delivery of royal commission findings and implementation of recommendations.

Our submission is on behalf of our community and represents their voices. We will continue to represent the interests of those impacted by Defence and Veteran suicide.

For more information or enquiries, contact AWW NSW CEO Renee Wilson rwilson@warwidowsnsw.com.au

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