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Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide – AWWNSW Statement

Australian War Widows NSW (AWWNSW) recently made a written submission to the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide.

Due to its experience, leadership, and network, AWWNSW has formed a view on several items raised by the Commissioners. The opinions expressed through and by AWWNSW below were formed through consultation with members, its broad community, Directors, and staff.

The opinions expressed through AWWNSW’s submission amplify the voices of veterans’ families and caregivers, ensuring those that are on the front line of veteran support are heard.

The matters the Commission is inquiring into are not new. They have affected the veteran community and in particular veterans’ families for generations. However, this is the first time that there will be a public conversation about it and a real chance to make the system better for those that come after.

In summary, AWWNSW submission concluded that:

  • Families and caregivers must be meaningfully engaged throughout a veterans’ Service journey and beyond.
  • Families and caregivers must be equipped with the support networks, tools, information, knowledge and support they need to care for themselves and their loved one.
  • Children of veterans impacted by Suicide or ill mental health under the age of 15 need immediate access to psychiatry, psychology and trauma recovery treatments.
  • There is a need for substantial investment into the veteran sector beyond access to health care.

The full submission can be read here.

That these matters are not affecting veterans and their families for the first time, they have been affecting them for generations.

If you would like to contribute your insights, ideas, experiences, or reflections to the Royal Commission please contact the AWW NSW CEO on 0421 161 334 or at guild@warwidowsnsw.com.au.

AWW NSW advocates for the needs of all women and families of veterans connected to Defence service. We provide a voice for our members and community to ensure their views are represented across all areas that impact upon them.


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