Families Of Veterans Guild

\’Reshaped\’ Art Exhibition

\"\"We\’re excited to share with you the opening of Michelle Carr\’s incredible art exhibition, \’Reshaped\’

Michelle, a cherished member of our AWWNSW community, has poured her heart and soul into delicate porcelain sculptures, each one a testament to her journey through loss and resilience. Each artwork is unique, precious and reflective of the gift of life.

Michelle is a contemporary war widow. In 2015, her husband Matt, a Major in the Australian Army passed away from service-related disease and injuries, after serving for 19 years.

Ceramics has provided her with a focus and sense of identity, allowing her to tap back into the rhythm of life to carry her family forward. Through her ceramics practice, she explores the elements of grief, energy, and life.

Despite facing personal challenges, Michelle\’s dedication to her art and her commitment to our community shines through.

Michelle is generously donating a portion of the proceeds from her artwork sales to AWWNSW, NSW Legacy, and The National Centre for Childhood Grief.

Michelle will be at the exhibition space daily (except for Fridays and Mondays) until 8 October, ready to share her inspiring creations with you.

Visit the exhibition, take in the art, and make a difference by supporting her beautiful cause.

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