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Chatswood Office Survey Results

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Thank you to all of those who took the time to share your views on the Chatswood Office. Your feedback was very important and was used by the CEO to formulate the options presented to the Board. 

47 individuals answered the survey and key findings were as follows: 

  • The survey showed overwhelming support (74%) for colocation with other veteran-based organisations with the potential for multiple efficiencies to be found.  
  • The office location is a challenge due to the size of Sydney. Most respondents indicated a preference for a location that is closer to where they live.   
  • Generally, respondents liked the proximity of the office to public transport, shopping centres and amenities. 
  • Generally, respondents felt the office space needed cosmetic improvement to make it a space that is more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing.  
  • Most respondents felt that the purpose of the office was to:  
  • provide a space for the work to get done through paid staff and volunteers; and  
  • provide a place for members to attend, holding meetings and gatherings and create relationships with each other and the staff.   

The most common reason cited for leaving the Chatswood Office was cost of the lease, indicating that currently it was difficult for members to see value for money.  

Based on your feedback, the Board decided to repurpose the Chatswood Office and tasked the CEO and her team to turn the office into a multi-purpose space for staff to work and members to gather, connect and run small events. We will be sure to let you know when it is ready!  

For now, rest assured, we maintain an office in Sydney and there was never an intent to close the Sydney office. 


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