Families Of Veterans Guild

Calling For National War Widows Day

\"\"During October, we sought the views of war widows and the general community on the question of a national War Widows Day. 37 of you took the time to write to us and express why they thought there should be a national day. Here are some of those responses:

  • I believe that war widows are entitled to have a national day not just each state. These amazing women need national recognition.
  • To provide recognition to a hidden population, and to honour their sacrifices, contributions, and service.
  • Because we matter and should be recognised and stand together as proud women of our service men who fought for our country and our freedom.
  • I do hope the present-day government will agree to respect and honour war widows with a national day of thanks and appreciation. It\’s time to accept this responsibility, no excuses acceptable.
  • To encourage Australians to stop and reflect on the sacrifices and contributions this group has/is made/making to their communities.

To help support our calls for a National War Widows Day, we have created an e-petition on the Parliament of Australia website. We need as many signatures that we can get between now and 12 December 2023. As this is an official Petition now published by the Parliament of Australia, you will receive an email after signing the petition to confirm your signature. Please click on the email link to ensure your signature is validated, otherwise, it will not be accounted for. To sign the petition, please CLICK HERE, you can also share the petition on social media, with your friends and family and encourage them to sign as well.

You can also write directly to the Minister for Veterans\’ Affairs, The Hon Matt Keogh requesting that he establish a National War Widows Day on 19 October annually. To write to the Minister, CLICK HERE.


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