Families Of Veterans Guild

Branding Consultation and Future Initiatives

We provide you with an overview of the developments and recent decision made by our Board regarding our Brand to ensure the future of our organisation.

We want to make sure Australia does not forget its war widows and ensure they continue to receive the support and recognition they deserve. To achieve this, it is crucial that we remain visible, relevant and inclusive, carrying forward a legacy that supports the next generation.

In alignment with the vision of our founder, Jessie Vasey CBE OBE, who foresaw the importance of inclusivity almost 70 years ago when she said: “We must become an inclusive group if we are to survive”, we have continued to evolve. Recognising the changing landscape of veteran families\’ needs, 68 years ago, we expanded our support beyond traditional war widows to include all widows whose loved ones died as a result of their service, encompassing a broader spectrum, ranging from operations to service-related injuries or illnesses.

Almost five years ago, acknowledging the challenges faced by defence families and the evolving nature of veterans\’ experiences, we recognised the need for support that is available to families every step of the way.

Currently, in Australia support for the families of veterans is conditional on the entitlements of the veteran and the families of these veterans are largely invisible until they are bereaved. Veterans are now living longer, leading more complex lives, and facing new challenges during and after their service. Our commitment is to support and assist these families at various stages of their journey.

A pivotal step in achieving our objectives is the comprehensive review of our brand. The Board has diligently worked over the past few years to find a name and brand that honours our history while encapsulating our future vision. To ensure inclusivity, we engaged with our community, and pleasingly over 400 members actively participated in this consultation, providing valuable feedback.

The consultation process revealed overwhelming support for the changes, emphasising the need for inclusivity and understanding the evolving role of our organisation. On October 26, 2023, the Board decided to introduce a new operating name: Families of Veterans Guild. This name, coupled with a refined logo featuring sprigs of wattle, aims to reflect our history while embracing our future vision.

To further emphasise our commitment, the tagline \”Support. Connect. Empower.\” has been chosen, to highlight our core values. The logo\’s colour palette will transition from teal to a more mature green and gold, symbolising growth and continuity.

During the Annual General Meeting, AWW NSW CEO Renee Wilson clarified the organisation\’s focus, stating that we are there for the families and not seeking to duplicate existing support. Collaboration with other organisations will be sought, ensuring families can access a comprehensive range of services.

The next steps involve a preparation period for the rebranding, with updates scheduled for February and a formal launch expected in May 2024. We understand that change may be challenging, but we are confident that, together as a community, we can navigate these changes and continue our vital work.

We invite you to read through our consultation results here and our 2022-23 Annual Report here which provide insight into our activities over the past year. We appreciate your engagement in this crucial undertaking and your continued support in serving the veteran community.

Thank you for your dedication to our cause.

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