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ANZAC Day wrap

Throughout ANZAC Week, representatives of Families of Veterans Guild attended services to honour our service men and women.
During the week leading up to ANZAC Day, all the crosses laid by our war widows and families at the ANZAC Field of Remembrance were displayed at the Anzac Memorial. A heartfelt thank you to the Anzac Memorial for their support and for shining a light on our veterans’ families during this significant week.
On ANZAC Day, we were deeply honoured to see war widows and families of Veterans marching together behind our banner during the ANZAC Day parade in Sydney.
To conclude the day, our veterans’ families were once again in the spotlight, with CEO Renee Wilson opening the NRL game alongside her veteran husband and children. A special thank you to Invictus Australia for providing us with the opportunity to open the game.
Let us continue to remember and honour the sacrifices of our service men and women, and their families, not just on ANZAC Day, but every day.

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