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Chatswood Social Club 35 years of friendship

The Chatswood War Widows Social Club recently and graciously invited War Widows from across Sydney’s Northern Suburbs to join them in a special luncheon.

The Luncheon was held at Chatswood RSL Club where Coordinator, Elizabeth Wright, and her members meet monthly. The Chatswood Social Club has been meeting for 35 years and they enjoy the friendships they have built over this time.

Each year, the Chatswood Social Club receive Grant funding from Chatswood RSL Club. These funds support monthly transport and meals. The Chatswood ladies had built up a reserve over the last 2 years due to COVID-19. This created a unique opportunity to bring more War Widows together, and share in the funds. So, they did just that!

Over 50 War Widows aged from 32 to 102 attended the luncheon where some made new connections and others renewed old friendships. Chatswood Social Club even grew by two new members from the connections made on the day!

If you are not yet connected to a social club in your local region and would like to join in on the fun, friendship and connection please contact us and we will connect you.

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